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Terre des Hommes launched the Children Win campaign in February 2014 to ensure that leading sports bodies mitigate risks and enhance opportunities of Mega Sporting Events on children, both direct and indirect. Terre des Hommes has commissioned and collected – articles and videos – featuring views and opinions of children linked to Mega Sporting Events: FIFA World Cup™ 2010 in South Africa,  FIFA World Cup™ 2014 and Olympic Games 2016 in Rio.

Risks and opportunities

Within the campaign, Terre des Hommes aims to create strategic alliances for a larger capacity to sustainably influence the key actors of MSE. Among these alliances : the Sport and Rights Alliance; a group of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), sports groups and trade unions working together to call on international sport organizations to take an ethical approach within their work, i.e. to ensure that human rights, children’s rights, labour standards, respect for the environment, transparency and accountability are at the heart of decision-making in sport, notably with regard to Mega Sporting Events.

Terre des Hommes is also chair of the MSE Child Focus Bidding Criteria Task Force, this task force is supporting Children Win campaign for effective implementation and timely mobilization regarding the Child Rights bidding criteria pilot.

What we do ?

With Children Win campaign, Terre des Hommes 

  • increases the positive and stop the negative effects of Mega Sporting Events on children: before, during, and after.
  • calls on major sport-related actors – including host and bidding cities/countries – to prevent human and especially child rights violations.
  • collaborates with allies and those responsible for commissioning and staging Mega Sporting Events.
  • shares children’s voices and raises awareness.


“In Rio, it is estimated 12,275 people in 24 communities have been displaced due to projects directly linked to the World Cup and the Olympics. Children are the most affected by these violations.”*

*“Megaeventos e Violações dos Direitos Humanos no Rio de Janeiro”,  Comitê Popular da Copa e Olimpíadas do Rio de Janeiro, 2014

Listen to them

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What you can do ? 

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Mega Sporting Events should be safe and fair for children. Make a difference and share their voices @ChildrenWin

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