Children on the move. Photo by Ralf Greiner.

Trafficked, unaccompanied, migrant, in street situation, kidnapped, forced to displacement, refugees, asylum seekers, nomadic… Children on the move represent a major and increasing challenge in terms of child rights and child protection. A growing complex reality, that get little adequate public solutions so far, if not harmful solutions for children.

This is why Terre des Hommes decided to develop solutions and responses to this complex issue in the following years. Terre des Hommes engaged for the last 10 years in combating Child Trafficking through its International Campaign against Child Trafficking (2001-2011). We are now moving and concentrating our attention on the specific group of children on the move.

We will do so by leading the new Destination Unknown Campaign to protect children on the move

“€œListen to me”€: watch the campaign spot


Millions of children around the world are on the move. They lost home. They are escaping poverty, violence or disaster. They may end up exploited or abused.


Destination Unknown is an international campaign to protect children on the move led by Terre des Hommes International Federation and its member organisations. It is supported by partners who will join forces to develop protection mechanisms for children on the move, raise awareness and advocate the campaign messages for policy change.

With Destination Unknown, Terre des Hommes and partners will

  • RAISE AWARENESS by showing concrete violations of rights experienced by children due to the lack of specific protection and services when they move.
  • OPERATE by programs that develop solutions and put in place protection measures for children from their place of origin to their final destination.
  • ADVOCATE by influencing policy, practice and legislation based on solution that respond to the needs and interests of children on the move


Follow the Campaign, know more about children on the move, get news and expertise on A specialized website for authorities, professionals, policy-makers, media, NGOs or anyone willing to know more about children who left home.