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European Office

26 rue d’Edimbourg
B-1050 Brussels

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Secretary General
I believe in impossible things as the way to make them possible.

Ignacio Packer gives leadership to the overall development of TDHIF and its organizational culture. He ensures the coherence, the relevance and the effectiveness of the activities as well as the positioning of Terre des Hommes on the global level.

Head of International Secretariat

Eylah Kadjar Hamouda gives leadership as head of the International Secretariat and of international relations.
She ensures effective and relevant functioning of the Secretariat and of international advocacy work
as well as representation towards the United Nations and international NGO networks.
She coordinates joint projects with the Terre des Hommes Member Organisations.


Children Win Campaign Coordinator

Marc Joly manages and coordinates the campaign Children Win. He leads the international core team and ensures all operational tasks. He represents ‘Children Win’ internally and externally. In coordination with various partners, he drafts and implements M&E, networking and advocacy strategies.

Children Win Campaign - Senior Research Coordinator

Dr Marianne Meier manages and coordinates research and evidence-building around the Children Win campaign. In collaboration with various international partners, she screens, mandates and conducts research linked to Mega Sporting Events and human rights, with a special focus on children’s rights. She is experienced in change through, around and in sport. Moreover, she promotes the exchange among experts and academics, thus building on the existing body of knowledge. She shares results both internally and externally in support of the advocacy and networking strategy of the campaign and its goals.


EU Senior Policy Officer

Lavinia Liardo is in charge of EU Policy  in the field of Human Rights, Child Rights, child protection, child mobility and migration/ asylum with a specific focus on children on the move.  She makes policy analysis and runs EU advocacy on those policies, including for the Destination Unknown Campaign to protect children on the move. She represents TDHIF in NGO networking in Brussels and monitors internal EU Fundings.


Research and Policy Officer

Amy is working closely with the Secretary General to ensure the fulfillment of Terre des Hommes’ commitments to the Initiative for Child Rights in the Global Compacts. Amy is contributing to the working document “Child Rights in the Global Compacts,” to the organization of the Global Conference on Children on the Move, and to a global advocacy strategy on the importance of a common, harmonized approach to children on the move and other children affected by migration.

EU funding manager

Laura Granado (from May 2016) has been recruited as EU funding manager to start on 1st May 2016.  She will manage and create funding opportunities targeting the EU around the common programmatic areas of the TDHIF Strategic Plan 2016-2020.  She will assist TDHIF Member Organisations (MO) national offices and HQs to access EU funding including coordination and capacity building of MO entities (country, regional and HQ) and to contribute to the development and implementation of TDHIF funding strategies.   

Communications Coordinator

Elisa Buccolini is in charge of developing, designing and producing communication strategy, tools and products for the Destination Unknown Campaign and for the Children Win Campaign. Elisa advises and supports the International Secretariat in developing its communication.


Communications Officer

Paul Creeney is in charge of managing TDHIF’s social media accounts. He is responsible for drafting content for both the Destination Unknown and TDHIF websites and managing the editorial process of the TDHIF newsletter. Paul provides media communications support for TDHIF, including drafting press releases and articles for external media, media and social media monitoring, developing social media strategies and creating media and social media products. Paul also works in conjunction with networks TDHIF is a member of to increase their media impact.

Communications and Advocacy Officer

Fanny is in charge of providing support to the campaign, focusing on the area of communication and public event, as well as some specific projects about future Mega Sporting Events.

Administrative Officer

Isabelle Angelot is in charge of administration, finance, book keeping, correspondence, logistics and documenting internal governance, including minutes and management of data bases.

Email: intl-secr(at)

Girls Advocacy Alliance Officer

Laura Chello works on the implementation of human rights advocacy in the framework of the Girls Advocacy Alliance, a strategic partnership on global lobby and advocacy to address the two interrelated issues of Gender based violence and Economic exclusion of girls and young women. She also supports the Geneva office in the advocacy work towards the United Nations and other CSOs and Networks, in particular in the field of children’s rights and humanitarian affairs, as well as in the logistics and communications.

EU Policy Assistant

Aline Avellar is in charge of assisting in EU policy and legal analysis and advocacy work, in particular in the field of Migration/Asylum, Child Rights and Fundamental Rights. Aline monitors EU policy and political development in those fields, she undertakes research work and data collection and drafts policy briefing notes. She supports office logistics, the organisation of public events and internal meetings.

EU Policy Assistant

Jessica is in charge of assisting in advocacy work, particularly in the field of Human Rights and Migration/Asylum at EU level. This included attending meetings and conferences of interest. Jessica also assists in the areas of EU policy and International Law, by monitoring developments – particularly of a political nature – and undertaking research work, collecting materials which contribute to Communications. She supports office logistics, the organisation of public events and internal meetings.

Communication Assistant

In her role as Communication assistant she gives support in the writing of internal and external communication tools (databases, annual reports, news and web-content). She attends UN conferences and makes research and reporting on child rights. She contributes to ensuring contacts with members of the TDHIF and other NGOs. She works on current administrative activities such as correspondence, travel arrangement, financial documents and translation.

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