There are currently no job vacancies available at the Terre des Hommes International Secretariat. Please check this page regularly or follow Terre des Hommes on Twitter for news on the latest vacancies.

Internships at the International Secretariat

There is currently no open position for an internship at the moment at the TDHIF International Secretariat.

Selected jobs at Terre des Hommes organisations

Please find below a selection of positions opened by the Terre des Hommes organisations.  The recruitment processes are directly managed by the respective organisations and not by the International Secretariat.  We invite interested candidates to direct questions and interest to the relevant Terre des Hommes organisation.

More jobs at Terre des Hommes

To discover more job opportunities at Terre des Hommes, please consult the respective website of Terre des Hommes organizations from our homepage. Links below offer a direct access to TDH organizations that are publishing open vacancies on their respective website.

Terre des Hommes Italia

Terre des Hommes Foundation Lausanne

Terre des Hommes the Netherlands

Terre des Hommes Germany

Terre des Hommes Schweiz

Terre des Hommes Suisse