Terre des Hommes has been awarded Level 1 certification for safeguarding children following an assessment by the global child safeguarding movement, Keeping Children Safe.

“By working to keep child safe in all aspects of their work, Terre des Hommes show real leadership in the aid sector on child safeguarding.  We hope all organisations follow their success in implementing the International Child Safeguarding Standards. We must ensure that all children everywhere are protected from harm “ says Sarah Blakemore, Director, Keeping Children Safe.

Level 1 certification evaluates if the child safeguarding framework of the organisation clearly outlines where there are risks to children’s safety and identifies the steps that need to be taken to minimise those risks.

Keeping Children Safe found that TDH’s child safeguarding work was strong in several areas:

  • A truly global child protection policy has been written and is available in different languages as well as materials for parents and children. There are procedures and guidance across the whole organisation. The policy is regularly reviewed and continually strengthened.
  • TDH has developed a good set of training materials and always inducts new staff on child safeguarding.
  • Monitoring and review of child safeguarding takes place regularly, with active learning sessions.

TDH has a strong child protection team of 11 specialists split between Lausanne, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Geneva, Basel, France, Spain, Denmark, Luxembourg and Canada, managed and assisted by TDH’s International Secretariat.  The team come together once a year to discuss successes and challenges in different areas of work.

“ I am delighted Terre des Hommes has gained Level 1 certification from Keeping Children Safe. As a leading advocate of child rights ensuring we are doing all we can to safeguard children is a top priority.  By working with Keeping Children Safe we are able to benchmark ourselves in the sector and gain considerable knowledge from the networks experiences. “ Ignacio Packer, Secretary General,  Terre des Hommes International Federation

All full members of Keeping Children Safe are supported in implementing child safeguarding measures and expected to undertake Level 1 certification. Further information on membership can be found at www.keepingchildrensafe.org.uk

Keeping Children Safe is a dynamic and growing global network working to keep the world’s most vulnerable children safe from abuse and exploitation.  It works in over 120 countries and reaches out to over 134 million children annually.

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