Terre des Hommes (TDH) strongly welcomes and supports the European Commission proposed Regulation to prevent and combat child sexual abuse (the Regulation). Child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and online child sexual exploitation (OCSE) remain a critical issue, with their prevalence having exploded in 20211. Evidence shows that current measures are not sufficient to protect children from online harm. The Regulation is a step in the right direction to ensure accountability of platforms in preventing the dissemination of CSAM and OCSE.

TDH works and advocates for the prevention of all forms of online violence against children, particularly situations where children are at risk of exploitation and abuse. In our recent research with 141 children across 10 countries in Asia, the EU and Latin America, children voiced their need for safety measures to be taken by online platforms.

“We need more visible regulations and safety features” (13 year old boy, Estonia)

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