1. Why the name “Terre des Hommes”?

The name Terre des Hommes was inspiring for the founder Edmond Kaiser. In French, “Terre des Hommes” expresses the concept of a “human earth”, referring to human values such as the responsibility of everyone to build a better world; cooperation with each other, and the inherent potential  in each child to develop great talents if protected, cared for and loved. Responsibility, cooperation and child talents are core values that guide the mission of Terre des Hommes as an non-governmental organisation.

2. What are the main activities of Terre des Hommes?

Terre des Hommes supports and runs 1046 development and humanitarian aid projects to improve the living conditions of the most underprivileged children, their families and communities in 69 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East (2013 data).

Terre des Hommes also runs national and international public awareness campaigns focused on child rights seeking for policy changes and durable solutions, which complement local programmatic responses. Programs and campaigns are designed on the basis of the views of children, whose voices are at the core of Terre des Hommes actions.

3. What are our current main campaigns?

 Destination Unknown

Terre des Hommes is currently leading Destination Unknownan international campaign to protect children on the move. Nearly 50 million children have migrated across borders or been forcibly displaced. Additional millions move within their country. Destination Unknown demands the protection of all children in mobility and migration contexts, without any kind of discrimination, as per the Convention of the Rights of the Child.

Destination Unknown is based on the principle that children have the right to move and to be protected in their mobility, be they accompanied or not. Their mobility can represent a potential for their future life and personal development, but it also increases their vulnerability and risk of being exploited.

To know more about the Destination Unknown campaign, visit destination-unknown.org

Children Win

Since 2014, Terre des Hommes has been leading the campaign Children Win where the aim is to raise awareness of human and child rights violations that occur during Mega Sporting Events (MSE), such as the Olympics, and put pressure on sport governing bodies to ensure children’s rights are respected before, during and after these events.

Terre des Hommes is a member of the Sport and Rights Alliance, a group of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), sports groups and trade unions who call on international sport organisations to take an ethical approach to their work.

To know more about the Children Win campaign visit childrenwin.org

4. What are the sources of funding of TDH?

52% of the global income of Terre des Hommes organisations comes from the General Public. The remaining funding sources are coming from Government Funds (22%), the European Union (8%), Corporates (5%) and the UN (3%). 80% of the funds go directly to field programs work. This ensures a solid independence as well as high standards of accountability of TDHIF and its member organisations at national, European, and international level. TDHIF is a member of the INGO Accountability Charter, an initiative of international NGOs towards transparency, accountability and effectiveness standards. TDHIF was ranked among top 100 international NGOs by The Global Journal in 2013.

5. What’s next?

Push for change

Terre des Hommes, through the campaign Children Win, will keep lobbying directly for Mega Sporting Event organisers, such as the IOC and FIFA, to change their regulations and practices to protect human and child rights. Actions of stakeholders to ensure children’s rights are always protected will be closely monitored.

In 2017, Terre des Hommes joined the FIFA human rights advisory board, this means that TDH will provide, in an independent way, its expertise for human rights and specifically child rights to be addressed across FIFA’s operations -especially concerning the upcoming FIFA World Cups™ in Russia and Qatar.

We, at Terre des Hommes are members of the Sport and Rights Alliance, a group of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), sports groups and trade unions who call on international sport organisations to take an ethical approach to their work.

Initiative for Child Rights in the Global Compacts

Nearly 50 million children are currently on the move, and the many rights violations they are subjected to – from violence and exploitation to being deprived of essential protection and services – constitute a grave human rights crisis. Protecting and supporting them is becoming increasingly urgent.

Hence the Initiative for Child Rights in the Global Compacts, is led by a steering committee co-convened by Terre des Hommes and Save the Children, which aims to develop and strongly advocate for a common approach to children on the move globally. The initiative goes further than repeating existing principles and commitments, it seeks to set measurable standards by which stakeholders are held accountable for protecting children on the move.

In June, Terre des Hommes and many Destination Unknown members – including youth – will have active roles at the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) where they will be in the dialogue among civil society, business actors and government representatives to make sure children on the move are on the agenda.

For more information regarding the Initiative for Child Rights in the Global Compacts please visit: childrenonthemove.org