Complaints Procedure

Give your opinion or make a complaint

Your opinion helps us improve our work and provide better services


What you can give your opinion or complain about:

  • A specific project of a Terre des Hommes member organisation of Terre des Hommes International Federation.
  • A conduct of a Terre des Hommes staff member or a staff member of a Terre des Hommes partner organisation.
  • Specifically, about a staff member who breaches the Terre des Hommes Code of Conduct, including not respecting the rights and integrity of a child or of any other person.
  • About practices related to the use of Terre des Hommes funds and material.


How you can give your opinion or complain:

  • Send an e-mail to
  • As the Terre des Hommes is a network of nine organisations, if you are referring to a specific project please make sure to specify what is the Terre des Hommes member running the project you are referring too.
  • If applicable, answer the Wh-questions: what, when, where, who, why.


What to expect after you give your opinion or make a complaint:

  • Anything you share will be kept confidential!
  • There will be no personal consequences for you.
  • You can remain anonymous or agree that we can save your name until we have clarified your point.
  • We will acknowledge the receipt of your mail and record it.
  • We will direct your mail to the Terre des Hommes organisation referred to.
  • The respective Terre des Hommes organisation will address your opinion or complaint as fast as possible.