Give your opinion or make a complaint

Your opinion helps us improve our work and provide better services


What you can give your opinion or complain about:

  • A specific project of a TDH member organization of TDH International Federation
  • A specific conduct of a TDH staff or a partners’ staff
  • About behaviours of staff towards people affected by TDH projects
  • About practices related to the use of TDH funds and material.

How you can give your opinion or complain:

  • Through whenever related to people affected by or resources used within TDH projects.
  • As the Terre des Hommes is a network of ten organizations, please make sure to specify what is the member running the project you are referring too.

What to expect after you give your opinion or make a complaint:

  • Anything you share will be kept confidential
  • There will be no consequences in the services you receive
  • We will record the complaint and direct it to the Terre des Hommes organization referred to
  • We will respond as soon as possible and keep you informed about the course of action.