Terre des Hommes’ vision is to guarantee:

“For every child, a childhood. Every young person empowered. Every community engaged.”

It is our mission to make this vision a reality. To achieve this, at Terre des Hommes:

We fight

  • to ensure that child rights are put into practice;
  • to protect children from harm, even in the most difficult circumstances;
  • to influence agendas and strategies that affect children and youth at all levels.

We strive

  • to give children access to the childhood they’re entitled to;
  • to empower children and youth to actively shape societies, structures and mindsets;
  • to achieve sustainable system change for children.

We mobilise

  • to involve all relevant actors, from local to global, in the solutions we seek;
  • to engage partners, expertise and resources in creating environments in which children thrive;
  • to build capacity for the protection of children and the implementation of their rights.