Terre des Hommes organisations

  • implement projects to improve the living conditions of vulnerable children and the exercitation of their rights in their own environment (including families and communities).
  • bring the root causes of poverty to the attention of the public, along with the rights of the child.
  • mobilise political will and advocate appropriate public policies on child rights and development from a human rights perspective.
  • raise funds to achieve their objectives.
  • work together to improve their impact.

On the field: child protection, development and emergencies

On issues concerning child protection, projects are designed on three main axes of activities: protecting children against violence and exploitation, meeting children’s essential needs and rights, supporting children’s own development.

On issues regarding development, projects are designed using a Human Rights Based Approach to Development, where Human Rights Conventions and Standards are seen both as objectives and as a way of working, through participation and empowerment of vulnerable groups to claim their rights, including economic, social and cultural rights.

Finally, on issues relating to emergencies, projects aim at providing the populations affected by natural disasters or  armed conflicts with the needful and infrastructures, keeping a constant focus on child protection. Children are provided with psycho-social support, and their capacities, along with the ones of their communities and local partners, are enhanced in order to restore the community life.

“The rights-based approach to development describes situations not simply in terms of human needs, or of developmental requirements, but in terms of society’s obligation to respond to the inalienable rights of individuals.” Kofi Annan

From field projects to changes we want

To maximize impact, field projects are part of an overall strategy that raises awareness on root causes of poverty, on child and human rights violations and exploitation. Terre des Hommes’ campaigning and advocacy work stems from the life of children and communities we work with, from the field projects and the expertise we produce. Terre des Hommes pursues changes through advocacy on focused issues both at local, national and international level.

The Terre des Hommes International Federation (TDHIF) ensures coordination among the Terre des Hommes organisations, and representation at international and European level. Terre des Hommes holds a consultative status with the United Nations, UNICEF, the ILO and the Council of Europe. It is a registered organisation listed in the European Union “Transparency Register”.

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