Brussels, 23th October 2015 – Invited as key note speaker of the eTwinning conference, Raffaele Salinari, Chair of Terre des Hommes, delivered an inspiring and powerful speech on education, globalization and citizenship. Practical educational tools on migration developed by Terre des Hommes within the Destination Unknown campaign generated high interest.

Lysianne and Daniele - etweeningMore than 500 teachers, school heads and educators from 41 countries in Europe and beyond gathered  in a 3-day event (22nd-24th October) with fifty-five workshops, a wide range of networking activities and two keynote speeches to explore how eTwinning has contributed to changing education in Europe.

eTwinning is the community for schools in Europe that has taught nearly two million pupils how to work together celebrates its tenth anniversary this year and organizes its annual conference in Brussels from 22-24 October 2015!

Danielle Babinault and Lysiane André of Terre des Hommes France presented educational tools to engage with children on migration. Timely tools which attracted a lot of interest from the audience.

“Do we understand what globalization really is? Are we ready to work with the “other”? Are we really able to understand the consequences of globalization?” Raffaele Salinari shared some of his experiences from his missions around the globe as a doctor: Middle East, Angola, Colombia, Kosovo, all of which pointed him to the direction that despite any local differences, situations and needs are universal and that the “north” can also learn from “south”?

“All people in all places on earth have something to say, the world belongs to all. There is no hierarchy in a sphere, in a globe. It’s not like a triangle where the hierarchy is clear. Managing a globe is difficult, you need to transform a two-dimensional map.” were the words of Raffaele Salinari and he went on to highlight the importance of the role teachers play in formulating the world of tomorrow: “You, teachers are like Star Trek. You go where nobody has been before, you have to explore, and you try to understand problems that are not yet obvious but could be visible for children tomorrow. We need your courage, your vision, we need to think outside of the box and we need your opinions in order to transform our intuitions into public opinion on a political level.”

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Linking to the plight of migrant children in Europe, Raffaele Salinari, referred to the Destination Unknown Campaign coordinated by Terre des Hommes on the importance of getting these children to school for them to learn but also for them to teach us.

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