Terre Des Hommes, SOS Village and Plan International signed-off a series of documents on “€œChild Protection and the Post-2015 Development Agenda”€. In Bonn, the three organisations are calling for “€œ the Post-2015 development framework to include a goal and targets on child protection.”€

To achieve effective progress it is essential that child protection systems are a key part of development agendas and national plans of action, there are accountability mechanisms in place and the involvement of children and youths in the design, implementation and monitoring of child protection services.

Those key messages of a series of reports on Child Protection and Post 2015 Development Agenda (see below 15 th March 2013) were shared at the Bonn Conference on “€œAdvancing The Post 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda”€

These inter-agency reports drafted under the leadership of Family for Every Child call on immediate action : “€œThe alarming impacts of child protection failures are likely to grow in significance unless something is done urgently. Global trends such as climate change, migration and urbanisation are all increasing children’s vulnerability and governments are not investing enough resources in building and maintaining comprehensive child protection systems. Children around the world want more support to enable them to grow up free from violence, and within caring, safe families.”€

The output documents of the Bonn conference which enabled over 280 international civil society delegates to discuss key issues of the Global Development Agenda include stress on the importance of child protection : “€œThe framework should include children and youth as a central part of it as a goal and as targets on child protection in other sectors”€.

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