Terre des Hommes is currently working on its Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

One of Terre des Hommes’ vision along past decades has been to watch the world through children’s eyes, a way to adapt – or better said – to anticipate in a fast-changing and increasingly unpredictable world.

We will continue such vision and try to maxime the relevance and impact of Terre des Hommes. We have launched a broad and participative consultation process among all TDH organisations, partners and relevant actors of our sector to define our next Strategic Plan.

This process will lead to adoption of a five-years strategy by end of 2015, enabling Terre des Hommes to better reach its long term ambition : to act locally for children and communities, influence decisions globally, and deliver impact through optimizing complementary approaches.

The strategic plan will seek to further strengthen Terre des Hommes as a federation of organisations through synergies, common goals and sharing capacity.

We are doing better together. And with children!