Haiti. Photo by Pittet Jean Luc, TDH CH-Geneva

States, UN agencies, the EU, Civil Society Organisations and development actors are already actively discussing and framing what will be the common vision and goals of Development after 2015. 2015 is the year when Development actors, States and UN agencies will assess the results of the Millennium Development Goals framework adopted in 2000.

Terre des Hommes decided to engage in such debate through various fora and coalitions. Our contribution focuses on promoting as best as possible that the post-2015 International Development include a global overarching goal on the care and protection of children as a development force. We also believe that children must be recognised as full actors of today”€™s and tomorrow”€™s development process. Future generations must take part in the definition of the world they want tomorrow. To reach such perspective, the post-MDG framework must be based on empowerment, participation of all, in particular most vulnerable groups. It must also offer a sustainable vision that encompasses environmental, economic, social and cultural objectives in an overall common framework based on Human Rights Laws.


Future generations must take part today in the definition of the world they want tomorrow. The post 2015 Development framework must reflect the views of children and youths.

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Protect my Future! A series of reports on child protection in the post-MDG agenda

To achieve effective development progress and eradicate poverty on the long-term, it is essential that child protection systems are a key part of development agendas and respective national plans of action. Moreover, children and youths must be involved in the design, implementation and monitoring of such development agendas and child protection services.

“€The alarming impacts of child protection failures are likely to grow in significance unless something is done urgently. Global trends such as climate change, migration and urbanisation are all increasing children’s vulnerability and governments are not investing enough resources in building and maintaining comprehensive child protection systems. Children around the world want more support to enable them to grow up free from violence, and within caring, safe families”€. This is one of the statements of a group of NGOs that produced a series of eight thematic reports on child protection and the Post-MDG agenda.

Under the lead of “€Family for Every Child”€, a group of NGOs joined efforts to produce a series of eight thematic papers aimed at providing an expertise on child rights in development and influencing the post-MDG agenda. Terre des Hommes contributed to that common work. We invite any organisation involved in the post-MDG debate to make use of them to promote a development framework based on child rights. You can download the thematic papers here: