Brussels, 2nd April 2014 – Ahead of the European Parliament elections (22 and 25 May 2014), European NGOs coalitions launched specific campaigns to engage candidates on pledges to promote Child Rights, Human Rights and Development for poverty eradication. Terre des Hommes, being member of three European NGOs Networks is promoting those campaigns. EU Elections: campaign now!

Make the next European Parliament a Child Rights Champion!

Children make up half the population in developing countries, around 600 million children live in poverty. One in four children lives inside the EU. 35 million children and youth under the age of 20 are on the move and risk abuse or exploitation. children make up one quarter of new asylum seekers every year in the EU. One in five women report being sexually abused as a child in the world. Looking at this data one crucial question comes to light: What is the role we want the EU play to counter those Child Rights violations?

Child Rights Action Group, a group of 14 Child Rights organizations has launched the campaign Make the European Parliament a Child Rights Champion!. The campaign calls on all candidates to the European Parliament to promote and protect children’s rights while implementing their parliamentary activities.

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See more information on Make the next European Parliament a Child Rights Champion!
Download the Child Rights Manifesto in different languages and use it to approach candidates to EU Parliament Elections.
Call on candidates in your country to sign up to become a Child Rights Champion!

Stand4HumanRights Campaign

Human Rights and Democracy Network, a group of NGOs promoting EU Human Rights policy has launched its campaign to enhance the role of the European Parliament as a global actor on human rights and democracy. The commitments contained in the pledge will help to ensure that human rights and democracy concerns are the foundation on which all European Parliament policies and activities, both internally and externally, are based.

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See more information on Stand4HumanRights Campaign and make candidates sign the Pledge

The Europe We Want

The Europe We Want is a politically independent campaign that encourages a debate on achieving a fairer Europe at home and abroad at the upcoming European Parliament elections on 22-25 May 2014. The campaign was set up in April 2014 by a broad alliance of leading European civil society organisations.

CONCORD, representing over 1,800 European NGOs to the European institutions, has launched the campaign on 10th April 2014 alongside other civil society organisations including the Climate Action Network, Fair Trade Advocacy Office, Action for Global Health, International Disability and Development Consortium, European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development & the European Foundation Centre.

The EU needs to remain a world leader in fighting global poverty, and to do this the new EU parliament needs to retain its strong commitment to development. Candidates need to realize the widespread support of EU citizens for tackling global poverty, whilst ensuring the next parliamentary mandate promotes a fairer European model to tackle inequality, social justice and development, both within the EU and abroad

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