FIFA: “we will look at the human rights situation” Terre des Hommes: “we will closely follow FIFA’s commitments”

Geneva, 13 March 2014Welcoming a Win-Win Situation for Children and for the FIFA World Cups. Terre Des Hommes welcomes the FIFA President’s commitment to ensure human rights and encourages the strong consideration of children.

FIFA: “we will look at the human rights situation”

On Tuesday March the 11th FIFA President Joseph Blatter said in an interview with Australian Associated Press: “The Congress will be called in to award the World Cup in the future and I will make sure that the Congress can also look at the social, cultural, let’s say the human rights situation.”

Terre des Hommes: “we will closely follow FIFA’s commitments”

Terre Des Hommes sent a letter to President Blatter as a follow-up to his commitment on human rights and called for a united effort to work together with FIFA, host and bidding countries, corporate sponsors, local organising committees and civil society organisations to mitigate negative effects in and around the FIFA World Cups and maximize opportunities for children before, during and after these major tournaments.

As a civil society organisation, we believe we have the responsibility to promote the highest level of ambition possible, rather than promoting or accepting compromises.  Terre Des Hommes supports and encourages and will closely follow FIFA in the effective implementation of President Blatter’s commitment on human rights by offering its child rights expertise and its determination for change,” said Ignacio Packer, Secretary General of the Terre Des Hommes International Federation.

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Sepp Blatter reported inteview – Source: AAP