Migration : solutions built on values and evidence

14 October 2015 – As Chair of the Civil Society Days of the 2015 Global Forum on Migration and Development, Mr. Ignacio Packer, Secretary General of Terre des Hommes International Federation is addressing today about 150 delegations of governments, international organisations and some 265 civil society delegates during the Opening Ceremony of the GFMD.
In his speech, Ignacio Packer is releasing some of the choices and solutions that civil society leaders brought forward during the GFMD Civil Society Days.

IPA GFMD 14 oct“Global migration policy must be rooted in the values of universal respect for human rights, all human rights, leaving no one behind, including migrants. Migrants’ rights are human rights. Global migration policy must also be rooted on evidence: facts, data and on the reality of the real word in which we live, stated Ignacio Packer. That’s not a choice. It is a necessity”, he underlined.

Ignacio Packer addressed the audience on six issues on which he is asking progress and ambitions with “gentle optimism an fierce determination”.

Through Destination Unknown Campaign to protect children on the move, Terre des Hommes is calling again international community gathering at the GFMD to :

  • Save lives of migrants who decided to leave home to escape violence, war and poverty.
  • Reject xenophobia, prejudice, walls, barbed wires and prisons for migrants, and acknowledge that hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens volunteer daily to help migrants arriving in their country.
  • Protect children in the context of migration, by applying international obligations and the recommendations of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child on the rights of the child in context of migration, in particular to end child immigration detention, to facilitate family reunification, access to justice, health, education, psycho-social support and others services for children, being them separated, unaccompanied or with their parents.

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Contacts for interviews

Ignacio Packer, Secretary General, Terre des Hommes International Federation (English, French, Spanish) Mobile: + – ignacio.packer@terredeshommes.org (from Istanbul)

Mirela Shuteriqi, Expert on Child Protection, Foundation Terre des hommes Lausanne, (English, Italian, French, Albanese) Mobile +41.78.635.44.20 – mirela.shuteriqi@tdh.ch (from Istanbul)

Salvatore Parata, Head European Office, Terre des Hommes International Federation (English, French, Italian, Spanish) Mobile: +32.474.20.99.21 paratas@terredeshommes.org (from Brussels)

Press Dossier

“Civil society to governments on migration: It’s time for Better Choices” on http://gfmdcivilsociety.org/ (October 15,2015)

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Wednesday 13 October : Ignacio’s (Civil Society Chair) at the Opening Ceremony of the 2015 GFMD government summit

Monday 12 October: Opening Ceremony, Setting the scene, Panel and debate. Find the exact timing of the different sessions here

Tuesday 13 October 2015: Plenary session, Concluding debate, Closing Ceremony. Find the exact timing of the different sessions here

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