Brussels, 16th July 2014 Today, EU leaders are appointing the new EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. The Human Rights and Democracy Network has published its own job advertisement. The ideal candidate should have a high profile to ensure that EU Foreign Policy fulfills EU’s obligations towards human rights, democracy, rule of law and conflict prevention international standards.

New EU Foreign Policy Chief

The Human Rights and Democracy Network (HRDN) representing the CSOs Human Rights sector in Brussels, is not involved in deciding on the next EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. However, if it were, it would have published such job advertisement to appoint the new EU Foreign Policy Chief. As all members of HRDN, we made it! In HRDN perspective, the successful candidate would have to “lead the EU in exercising a firm and coherent approach to human rights abuses worldwide, basing themselves on international human rights and humanitarian law. He/she will put the rights of people at the center of EU dialogues with third countries and will work to ensure that impunity for violations is ended. The ideal candidate should also understand that in order to have an impact on the world he/she will have to work hand-in-hand with the 28 EU Member States“. As a follow-up of the Stand4HumanRights Campaign lead by HRDN around the EU Electionswhose aims was to ensure that human rights and democracy concerns were the foundation for all European Parliament policies and activities, we are now giving a particular attention to the appointment of the new EU Foreign Policy Chief. Why is that so important?

New EU Foreign Policy Chief: a Child Rights Champion!

As a member of the HRDN, Terre des Hommes strongly supports this initiative. In a post-electoral context, we find  important to ensure that the elected representatives at the EU level have a real commitment for the Human rights and in particular for the Child rights in the EU Foreign Policy. That was already our claim through the “Make the EU a Child Rights Champion” campaign demanding all candidates to the European Parliament to promote and protect children’s rights while implementing their parliamentary activities.

New EU Foreign Policy Chief: Human Rights and Development

A new EU Foreign Policy Chief showing a strong profile and commitment towards Human Rights represents a crucial pre-requisite if the EU wants to fulfill its legal obligations and policy commitments towards Human Rights-Based Approaches to Development and Security Policy. As specialized child rights development NGO, Terre des Hommes is therefore paying a particular attention both on the profile and commitments of the new appointed EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, and will continue providing the EEAS with adequate expertise and policy recommendations in the fields of child rights, human rights and development.