Rome, 17 September 2013Around 100 thousands children in Italy are victims of mistreatment and abuse: more than half are female. A pilot survey produced by Terre des Hommes Italia and CISMAI providing the first detailed picture of the phenomenon is released to the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers.

For the first time in Italy, an estimate on the number of mistreated children was made possible thanks to the consistent data collected by Terre des Hommes Italia and CISMAI. “For ten years, the UN Committee for the Convention on the Rights of the Child has been asking to our country to adopt an effective system to collect data in order to make visible and address the mistreatment of children” said Federica Giannotta, Head of the Advocacy Program at Terre des Hommes Italia. “This is why, we have decided to contribute to produce the first picture on the true incidence of the phenomenon in Italy: 0,98% of the total under 18-years old population is victim of mistreatment. The majority are females”.

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