Lampedusa, 17th October 2013 – The conditions for the assistance of children at the Center of First Aid (Centro di Primo Soccorso) in Lampedusa are absolutely unacceptable. Designated for the reception of a maximum 250 people, the Center is now hosting around 800 people, about 200 of them are children. There are many families with four or five children each, even infants.

“After the many words spent by some of the major institutions of our country, the current situation in Lampedusa is absolutely unacceptable according to the parameters of humanitarian international law”, said Raffaele K. Salinari, President of Terre des hommes Italy and Chair of Terre des Hommes International Federation.

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Lampedusa: six demands to the Italian Government and the EU

1. to reactivate the mechanism of transfer from the CSPA (Center of First Aid) to proper structures with absolute priority for children and their families and for unaccompanied minors
2. to make their stay at the CSPA or in other structures as short as possible. As required by the Italian Law in terms of reception, those people should not be deprived of their liberty
3. to rapidly implement a revision of the Dublin Regulation at the European level
4. to set up humanitarian channel for the protection of migrants arriving to Italy in order to prevent tragedies like the recently occurred ones
5. to make the ‘mare nostrum’ a place of efficient and prompt protection to safeguard many human lives and their rights
6. to transfer, after an agreement with the local population of Lampedusa, families with children in the free structures (30.000 daily-beds available for tourists are empty during the cold season) waiting for their final transfer to definitive host structures.

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