Segou, 200 Km north of Bamako. A new health operation base was recently opened by Terre des hommes Foundation Lausanne. Neighboring villages in the region have seen recent influx of thousands of displaced persons from the towns in the north, fleeing from the armed conflict. Particular attention is being paid to the children who have been separated from their parents or become victims of the violence. Tdh’s priority is to bring aid to the health centers in this region, the worst hit by malnutrition. And to improve the conditions of access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene.


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Terre des Hommes’ efforts to provide emergency support to population affected by the armed conflict is made through common actions by various TDH organisations, including TDH Germany, TDH Switzerland/Geneva and TDH France. To know more about Tdh actions in Mali, go to:

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TdH Germany