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2015: a year of expected tragedies for migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. Terre des Hommes planning to increase support and protection for unaccompanied children in Sicily. EU must operate a radical change of its migration policy. Destination Unknown, a program mobilizing NGOs in Europe to protect children on the move.

Easter break confirmed that the new season has resumed. Not the touristic one on the Mediterranean shores, but the one of smugglers and migrants tragedies. The pitch of the show is basically the same. As well as the consequences.

On Sunday 12th April, another tragedy raised the number of 400 additional migrants dying in the Mediterranean Sea. Among them, probably children and youth. 150 have been rescued. Some 10 bodies were found, raising the official number of death migrants in the Mediterranean to 500 since beginning 2015.

We need a radical change in the upcoming European Agenda on Migration

EU institutions and Member States must understand that we need and we want a radical change in European’s migration policies, said Raffaele Salinari, Chair of Terre des Hommes International Federation. We want our continent to remain a space of human rights and opportunities he said. The EU must focus its cooperation in Mediterranean countries by supporting local civil society and democracy with more resources. And we must invest in Europe to protect and integrate migrants, in particular children and youth. Those are the two pillars expressing a new paradigm in EU migration policy that we want to see in the upcoming new EU Agenda on Migration to be adopted by the European Commission in May, Salinari concluded.

For more data and Terre des Hommes work in Italy, read full press release


Al Jazeera TV interview released by Raffaele Salinari, Chair of Terre des Hommes International Federation,  – (16/04/2015)

BBC Radio, Newsday interview : Raffaele Salinari, Chair of Terre des Hommes International Federation – (16/04/2015)

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FARO Project, a project to provide support for unaccompanied minors in Sicily

Destination Unknown Campaign to protect children on the move

Lampedusa Tragedy, one year after, Terre des Hommes calling for regular and legal entry channels into Europe (October 3, 2014)

“Dying at Europe’s Doorstep” by Brad Wieners, Bloomberg Business