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To aid all children in need is our primary purpose, stated in the first article in our chapter. It is our firm believe that the children are the very future of our world and the very core of its future development. That is why we focus our mission on helping to provide the children with health care, social care and education. It is the only way to improve the future and to do that we are all engaged on a voluntarily basis.

Help us to help others.

We have acute help for children in a number of places in India, in Bukarest in Romania, Nugegoda in Sri Lanka, in Arusha in Tanzania and more.

TDH Denmark currently run 50 projects within 9 countries covering 4 continents.


Part of the sale of the LIND DNA design CURVE CANDLE HOLDER is donated directly to families in Tanzania.

The aim of GLOW TOGETHER is to allow siblings to grow up together and at the same time ensure that the families have access to clothing, food, health care and education.

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