The Voice of the Yanomami – “Filhos da Lua”

filhos da lua

“Filhos da Lua” is a documentary produced by Mauro Almeida Cabral & Fränk Muno which tells the struggle of the Yanomami people to maintain their culture in a ever more complex socio-political context where indigenous people are rarely consulted. Between globalization, natural resource plunder and failure to comply with their ancestral lands, the Yanomami are struggling to make their voices heard. Based on few testimonies, the Yanomami share their vision of the world and reveal their rich culture and their spiritual world to raise awareness on this mostly unknown reality.

How to participate actively in this cause ?

At the end of every presentation of the documentary, the spectator has the possibility to buy the DVD for 5 euros. The money collected will serve in the project with the Yanomami people.

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The Project in Brazil : A Differentiated Indigenous Education

This joint project of Terre des Hommes Luxembourg and Terre des Hommes Suisse has the aim to contribute to the autonomy and  capacity of the Yanomami to defend their rights, and inform them about the challenges to get in touch with the Brazilian society. This project wants to guarantee the survival and the development of their cultural universe.
The goal is to educate at least 520 Yanomami in the state of Amazonas and to make the Yanomami school model fully adapted to the context, through the certification of Yanomami teachers, who have the official recognition of their training process and its integration within public educational agencies and programs.


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