Launch of CONCORD Policy Paper on Migration and development:“Coherence for migration and security and what about development?”

Today CONCORD (European Confederation of Relief and Development NGOs) launches its new Policy Paper Coherence for migration and security. And what about development?’. The last of a series of thematic papers which together constitute the PCD Spotlight Report 2015, this paper addresses EU migration policies and Policy Coherence for Development, and the extent to which EU policies, have effectively contributed to bring about sustainable development in developing countries.

The paper was prepared by CONCORD Migration and Development Task Force of which Terre des Hommes is member. While recognising the complex relationship between migration and development, CONCORD deeply regrets that development goals, amongst which poverty eradication and the respect of human rights, are undermined by the emphasis on border controls and security concerns, both in terms of political priorities and financial and technical assistance.

CONCORD therefore urges the EU and its Member States to integrate key policy objectives that put humans, their rights and their legitimate aspiration for a decent life at the centre, while at the same time tackling the systemic issues that generate ‘un-chosen’ migration in its external migration policies.

During the event CONCORD, FORIM (Forum des Organisations de Solidarité Internationale Issues des Migrations) and ICMC (International Catholic Migration Commission) will also release a  joint publication “10 myths of migration and development”, to present some persistent myths on migration from a development perspective, respond to common prejudices and propose alternative analyses.

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Download the Spotlight Paper on Migration and development

Download the 10 myths of migration and development (in French)