One year ago, Nepal was struck by several earthquakes which caused enormous damage and cost the lives of more than 8.000 people. Terre des Hommes immediately came to the aid of families and children by distributing basic essentials, caring for the injured by means of mobile clinics and repairing drinking water facilities.

Children who survive the earthquake continue to face trauma that could disrupt their well-being in the long term. 50% of the children still overreact to loud noises and 23% have heavy sleep disorders. In a research, released by Terre des Hommes and four other child rights organisations, girls and boys described the ongoing fear of another earthquake.

Terre des Hommes protects and supports Nepalese children

One year after, Terre des Hommes concentrates its action on the assistance and psychological support of children and the reconstruction of houses, schools and hospital wards in order to restore the daily routine of children. Numerous children still live in emergency accommodations with hardly any supervision and suffer from the experiences of last year.

Our Nepalese partners set-up child-friendly spaces where they can play and recover from their traumas under professional supervision. Community members and local authorities are trained in child protection standards in order to adequately take care of children.

“I’m always scared of an earthquake. What would happen if it occurs while I’m at school?” wonders a young girl from Rasuwa. “My school is far away and I have to walk long hours to reach it. The road is dangerous, there are often landslides”, adds her friend.

The actions of Terre des Hommes in Nepal aim to:

  • improveme the medical and sanitary situation of the population in remote areas
  • restore the livelihood of the parents
  • inform on rules of conduct in case of earthquake warnings
  • promote the self-confidence of children in order to protect them from forced marriage and other forms of abuse.

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