Child Friendly space

05 September 2014The conflict in Iraq has led to approximately 1.45 million displaced people in 2014 alone. Large number of the population remains trapped due to the conflict, in fear of violent attacks and with no access to basic resources and humanitarian assistance.

Children in need

Children represent a high proportion of the displaced and trapped people. A rapid Assessment carried out by Terre des Hommes Italy of Child Protection Needs in Ainkawa, a part of the city of Erbil, found that 40 to 60 percent of displaced people are children. The Child Protection Sub Working Group talks about 70 percent children in Ainkawa, the majority being under 5 years old.

Iraqi displaced children and refugees from Syria have experienced a wide variety of attacks and grave human rights violations and are facing the risk of violent attacks, no access or limited access to water and food, no or limited access to basic resources, lack of safe environment, increased risk of exploitation including child labour. There are a number of children with disabilities and/or special needs present among the displaced persons and there are currently no specialised services available. Currently there is no response mechanism to address human trafficking. There is a need to strengthen psychosocial services for displaced children and refugee children suffering from trauma.

At the start of the operation

Terre des Hommes Italy, active in Iraq since 2003, is taking steps in these days to give immediate aid to Iraqi children with psychological and social support activities and the distribution of  hygiene kits for women and children. This intervention is supported by several Terre des Hommes organisations.

Terre des Hommes is intalling a day center for the protection of children in the city of Erbil, where more than 20,000 Iraqi refugees are present. Recreational activities along with a psychosocial suppor are organised in this center for about 200 children aged from 3 to 15 years supported by an experienced team consisting of social workers, psychologists and educators.
To give broader intervention, Terre des Hommes also intends to use two mobile units to follow the constant movement of displaced people and to cover more areas, including Harir, Basirma, Topzawa, Mamzawa.

Awareness campaigns on hygiene promotion can be carried in the center and the mobile units , given the fact that their actual living conditions often lead to a lack of attention to hygiene. For this reason, Terre des Hommes plans to distribute hygiene kits containing cleaning wipes, liquid detergents, soaps, etc…

Recommendations to the Human Rights Council

To support our current humanitarian work in Iraq,Terre des Hommes International Federation presented a series of recommendations to the Special Session of the Human Rights Council on the 1st of September. You can find them here.

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