Child Safeguarding conference

Children face a number of risks of abuse but some of these risks are caused by contact with, or impact upon children from organisations and institutions – whether this is from staff, programmes or operations.

This conference is designed to identify the specific challenges of, and potential solutions to, creating safe environments for children in Africa.

The conference will bring together the key stakeholders responsible for safeguarding children to discuss the challenges being faced by organisations in preventing harm to children in the African context, agree on concrete actions to address the challenges and support to key stakeholders to meet their commitments and obligations to create safer environments for children.

 The themes are:

  • The African context for children – the challenges of safeguarding children.
  • Accountability for children’s safety: who is responsible and are they meeting their obligations?
  • Creating safer environments for children – tools, resources and approaches.

Terre des Hommes is co-organising the conference and is bringing its expertise relating to child protection and Mega Sporting Events:

Ignacio Packer – Secretary General – Terre des Hommes
Can Africa bid for a Mega Sporting Event without putting children at risk?
Africa can champion the concern for children at Mega Sporting Events such as the World Cup™ – lessons from Brazil and South Africa.

A presentation in the frame of the Children Win Campaign

Ignacio Packer – Secretary General – Terre des Hommes and Neil Brandt – FIREWORKS MEDIA
Engaging children in communications 
Embark on a journey into the framing of existing promising practices for Africa and take away tested tools for guidance and replication on how to engage children for communication material.

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