The new study “Small arms in small hands – German arms exports violate children’s rights”, published by Brot für die Welt and terre des hommes, shows, that several grave violations of child rights in armed conflicts – like recruitment, killing and maiming, attacks on schools and hospitals and denial of humanitarian access – are committed with German arms, that are legally or illegally transferred to conflict regions. Based on UN reports, official data and country examples (Syria & Iraq, Yemen, India, Philippines, Colombia, Brazil), author Christopher Steinmetz from the Berlin Information Center for Transatlantic Security (BITS) traces numerous violations of Germany’s obligations under international law and develops recommendations for action. The study has been fed as an official document into the United Nations’ State Reporting Procedure, which is currently reviewing how Germany implements the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Further information (in German), the press release and the study for download in German and English can be found at”