Terre des Hommes organisations are accountable to several different bodies and entities: children for delivering quality work and monitoring its impact; donors for ensuring that funds are spent in an efficient way in accordance with human rights standards; and stakeholders for implementing ethical principles and endeavouring to provide accurate information and messages. Terre des Hommes organisations are legally registered in their own countries and abide by binding national codes of conduct and accountability mechanisms which are monitored by independent bodies.

Accountable Now



Terre des Hommes International Federation is a founding Member of Accountable Now, a cross-sectoral platform of international civil society organisations. Together, we strive to be transparent, responsive to stakeholders and focused on delivering impact. Terre des Hommes International Federation has signed the 10 Accountability Commitments and applies them throughout the organisation. We report annually according to the Accountable Now Reporting Guidelines to an Independent Review Panel.


Child Safeguarding Measures

kcsTerre des Hommes pays special attention to the implementation of Child Safeguarding Measures in order to guarantee the maximum protection of children with whom Terre des Hommes and its partners come into contact and prevent all forms of abuse, be it physical, psychological or sexual. Preventive and protective measures include a reporting mechanism, internal investigations, and alerting legal authorities in the countries concerned when necessary.

All Terre des Hommes organisations have adopted a Child Safeguarding Policy and are progressively implementing the child safeguarding standards. Organisations are at different stages of the implementation process and benefit from learning synergies within the Federation and with the Keeping Children Safe Network . Implementation of the policy includes better integration of views and opinions of children, specific recruitment measures, risk assessments, training workshops, and coaching for its own staff and that of partner. Terre des Hommes was awarded Level 1 certification for safeguarding children following an assessment by Keeping Children Safe.


Anti-fraud and Anti-corruption Policy

Terre des Hommes International Federation / International Secretariat (hereafter TDHIS) anti-fraud and anti-corruption policy outlines its approach to the prevention and control of fraud and corruption, including the investigation procedures that will be followed if there are suspicions of fraud or corruption practices. TDHIS conducts its business in an honest and ethical manner. As such, active risk reduction, fraud and corruption prevention measures, and periodic risk assessment are the most effective methods to ensure this. TDHIS takes a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and corruption, in particular in the fields of human resources, procurement and finance management. It is committed to guarantying the proper management of all donated funds and to implementing and enforcing effective systems to counter fraud and corruption. TDHIS is committed to preventing and dealing promptly and appropriately with fraud and corruption perpetrates by its personnel or against TDHIS in violation of codes and regulations and/or of applicable law. Furthermore, all TDHIS employees, partners, consultants, contractors and suppliers are responsible for fraud and corruption, its prevention and its control. TDHIS will make them aware of this anti-fraud and anti-corruption policy, or related MOs policies, to ensure adherence as applicable.

To read the full anti-fraud and anti-corruption policy here