AR2015_TDHIF_coverThe report highlights a year rich in events and achievements.

In a time of turbulence, the Terre des Hommes organisations have maintained their focus on protecting children and improving their life perspectives, through 1046 development and humanitarian aid projects in 69 countries, reaching more than 5.1 million of direct beneficiaries. All together the Terre des Hommes organisations have also raised a global income of 155’587’210 euros, 87% of which is dedicated to field projects and advocacy activities.

The Terre des Hommes organisations are more and more pulling their resources together to engage in joint global projects and to develop quality and accountability standards. In a context of unprecedented number of migrant and refugees, our Destination Unknown Campaign has firmly put the protection of children on the move on the international agenda. Our Children Win Campaign is protecting children in Mega Sporting Events.

With this report, we share our efforts to build a child friendly world as well as the challenges we have met and the results accomplished.


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