In its January & February issue, The Global Journal features a list of the top 100 NGOs. This international ranking is based on three key criteria relevant to the activities of NGOs: impact, innovation and sustainability. It aims to highlight the activities of the non-profit sector and to reflect the growing global impact of NGO work. Terre des Hommes International Federation is part of this top 100 list.

Continuing to refine its evaluation methodology, The Global Journal considered a pool of approximately 450 NGOs to make its ranking. Globally, the best represented sub-sectors overall were Development (23), followed by Health (17), Education (15), Children & Youth (13), Environment (10) and Peace-building (10). While the United States outpaced other countries in geographical terms “€“ with one-third of the NGOs headquartered there “€“ another third of the NGOs featured were based in developing countries led by India (6), Brazil (5) and Kenya (4). Only the United Kingdom (11) and Switzerland (9) outperformed these emerging actors.