About 1.100 deaths toll in Savar. Responsibilities are shared among many, but differentiated. Terre des Hommes advocates since years for concrete measures to convert Corporate Social Responsibility into reality”€¦ and to help those whose human rights are violated in Bangladesh.

20130515_bangladesh_tdh_italyWhen a women was miraculously saved from the Rana Plaza complex some days ago, international media were reporting about 1.100 deaths toll following the collapse of the “€œfamous”€ garment factory. Bangladesh and the international community are still under shock. But the lessons are already being drawn. Some repeating what most of human rights defenders state since years already; there are shared responsibilities in what occurred in Bangladesh, from multi-national firms to local garment companies owners, from Bangladesh Government to international community.

Since decades, Terre des Hommes is active both in Bangladesh to fight against child exploitation and in Europe to call for responsibilities of “€œduty-bearers”€. As far as behaviours are keeping such working conditions akin to slavery and exploitation patterns in the garment industry, the Rana Plaza case might not be the last one.

Our field experience in Bangladesh since 1996 “€“ said Bruno Neri, project manager at Terre des hommes Italia – tells us that despite improvements made in recent years, the textile industry in Bangladesh is one of the areas where working conditions are still often inhuman; where the safety of the workers, the wages level, the violence against women and children create situations akin to slavery. And this was confirmed again by a series of very recent research investigations we made.

Terre des Hommes Germany has raised since years the issue of child labor with targeted multi-national garment firms. Taking action and concrete trade measures to convert declarations on Social Corporate Responsibility into a real practice is at the core of Terre des Hommes Germany work in this field. Because the eradication of extreme exploitation of children at work will not take end without a common but differentiated responsibility among actors involved in this extended violation of human rights.

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