The High-Level Panel, appointed by the UN Secretary General to advise him on the post-2015 agenda, reported on 30th May. Terre Des Hommes is promoting the highest level of ambition possible to face the lack of care and protection facing children. It welcomes the recommendations for a clear Post-2015 agenda but there is a need to be more ambitious to face the alarming impacts of child protection failures likely to grow in significance.

While views naturally differ on some of the priority settings and wording of particular illustrative goals or targets Terre Des Hommes welcomes this collective attempt for a simple clear agenda. The HLP report, « A new Global Partnership » reflects some very fundamental and « non-negotiable » elements in terms of basic human rights, universal targets and commitments for all countries with national differentiation, inequality, development and sustainability in a single set of goals, mechanisms to ensure accountability and the strong participation of citizens.

The report provides 12 illustrative goals and 57 measurable targets framed in the wake of five transformative shifts labeled: « Leave no one behind », « Put sustainable development at the core », « Transform economies for jobs and inclusive growth », « Build peace and effective, open and accountable institutions for all », « Forge a new global partnership ».

The Interagency Child Protection group of which Terre Des Hommes is a member has successfully been advocating for targets included in the HLP report on child marriage, violence against girls and women and birth registration. We welcome other targets focused on children amongst which the « reduction of violent deaths and eliminate all forms of violence against children ». We will continue lobbying for the Post 2015 agenda to include targets on the elimination of the worst forms of child labor, on countries having strong child protection systems and on the prevent of unnecessary separation of children from families.

Are the HLP recommendations the needed framework to give every child a fair chance in life, and to achieve a pattern of development where dignity and human rights become a reality for all?

These recommendations do not meet the aspirations of the many organisations and individuals who have contributed to the debate around post-2015 advocating for a focus on Child Care and Protection. The lack of care and protection facing children is a global crisis. We continue to urge for a global overarching goal on the care and protection of children: €œAll children live a life free from all forms of violence, are protected in conflicts and disasters, and thrive in a safe, caring family environment€.

As a civil society organisation, Terre Des Hommes believes it has a responsibility to promote the highest level of ambition possible, rather than promoting or accepting likely to be preferred by member states. Terre Des Hommes as many other civil society organisations support and encourage the UN to continue pushing for the best outcomes for people and planet. Terre Des Hommes shares the optimism and vision on transformation to end poverty through sustainable development and we want to see it happen within our generation.

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