Lampedusa, Italy, 03 and 05 October 2013 – “Enough with the Emergency Response Policy”. There is the need of a permanent answer involving all the humanitarian organizations present on the island”: this is the strong message of Terre des hommes Italy following today’s tragedy where hundreds of migrants lost their lives, including women and children. 

“It is fundamental to reinforce the reception procedures and allow the humanitarian organizations to get in touch, as soon as possible, with the new refugees, especially with children”- stated Raffaele K. Salinari, President of Terre des Hommes International Federation.

“This is not an emergency, as we are facing such a situation since more than twenty years: so it is a normal situation, and we cannot handle it as an emergency situation”, he added in an interview released to BBC Radio on 5th October 2013.

Terre des Hommes works in Lampedusa since the 13th of June, 2013 with the project Faro III funded by the Prosolidar Foundation. The project is dedicated to the psychological and psychosocial assistance in favor of unaccompanied minors and families with children.

Terre des hommes Italy Full Press Release

BBC Radio : Interview Raffaele Salinari, Chair TDHIF, 05 October 2013 (8 minutes)

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