The draft outcome document is weak and vague “€“ The International community must not jeopardise the achievements of the 1992 Rio Summit

On the opening of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, the international charity Terre des Hommes is concerned. “€œThe draft outcome document is weak and vague and fails to respond adequately to the social and environmental challenges. It is unacceptable that the international community in such a dramatic moment regarding climate change, hunger and financial crisis shall jeopardise the achievements of the first Rio Summit in 1992 and for example ignore agreed principles such as the common but differentiated responsibilities and the polluters pay principle”€ said Danuta Sacher Chair of the Executive Board of Terre des Hommes (Germany) in Rio de Janeiro. “€œA particular concern for us, as a child rights organisation, is the deletion of the demand for an Ombudsperson for the rights of future generations, and we strongly appeal that it shall remain in the final declaration. Children now constitute more than half the world’s population. Climate change and environmental degradations affect their life or put an end to it. Their rights and those of future generations must not be sacrificed to short-term economic interests and to calculations at national level. ”

The draft outcome document is too vague and for example mentions just eight times the questions of future generations, compared with 30 references to the private sector.

Terre des Hommes supports the demand for sufficient and reliable financial resources to fight poverty and climate change and urges the international community to set up global sustainable goals. They should succeed to the MDGs and act as binding principles for all nations. Terre des Hommes welcomes the position of the EU and the German government to involve civil society and science in this process.