Rome, 29 – 30 November 2012 “€”The fight against violence and abuse on young girls and teenagers is a priority for every country and every international institution. In this context, the European Union can become a crucial contributor toward harmonizing the different types of offenses and the minimum sanctions that Member States must apply. This is one of the key results from the research “€œViolence Against Young Women: A Human Rights Violation”€ presented today as a preview by Terre des Hommes at the international Conference of the Council of Europe “€œThe role of International Cooperation in tackling sexual violence against children”€ at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome.

“€œThe issue of violence against women and children has been addressed as a priority at international and national levels, on the assumption that it represents a human rights violation. The universal nature of this phenomenon was the main reason of a lot of efforts developed by International and European institutions and many countries in fighting violence against women and children. These efforts have also included the introduction in the national legislations of specific offenses, as recently done in Italy with the ratification of the Lanzarote Convention on the protection of children from exploitation and sexual abuse”€stated Raffaele Salinari, President of Terre des Hommes Italia Onlus and of Terre des Hommes International Federation.

The research “€œViolence Against Young Women: A Human Rights Violation”€ was carried out by Paul Hastings in the framework of Terre des Hommes”€™ campaign “€œIndifesa”€ (Unprotected) for the protection of girl child rights in the world.

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Violence against young women: a human rights violation
by Paul Hastings - Full report